Cafe Enzo, Hunter Valley

During our recent visit to the Hunter Valley, Lex and I found ourselves on a mission to find the best food in Wine Country. We had some fairly good meals but nothing to brag abut. All that changed when we took a visit to Enzo’s- a cosy dining spot with a courtyard, offering Italian dishes cooked with locally sourced produce. It is set amongst a few beautiful sandstone cottages, and has a distinct Hunter vibe to it. Booking a table wasn’t easy though so I do recommend calling in advance if you’re keen to visit.

Enzo is set in a Tuscan inspired village, among eclectic sandstone buildings in the heart of the hunter valley. Enzo is praised for its unique ambience and enchanting courtyard.Come and unwind and let the world drift away at the sacred oasis , known to locals as Enzo. Listen to chic tunes whilst feasting on Italian delicacies with homemade and locally grown produce. With our antique open fireplace dating back to the 1700s making you warm in the winter and total air conditioned comfort for those hot summer days. Established since 1996 offers excellent coffee, food and service making it a must do when visiting the Hunter Valley.


We went for lunch and were spoilt with choice by the varied but thoughtful menu. Every dish seemed to work with the other and for once I honestly couldn’t decide what I wanted. All I knew was that I needed something hot (it was freeeeeezing outside), and something big! I figured we’d be spending the day wine tasting so I need to do it on a full stomach.

I ordered the Tiger Prawn Linguine and a freshly squeezed watermelon and passionfruit juice. The juice was served in a little jar, with an old ‘Little Golden Book Classic’ as the saucer. It just so happened to be titled “The Shy Little Kitten”. Knowing how much I love cats, I simply couldn’t resist reading it to Lex using my best teacher voice. He was so embarrassed…

The Tiger Prawn  Linguine was delicious, complete with fresh chilli, baby tomatoes, chorizo, lemon butter sauce, and a generous topping of shaved parmesan- have a drool at the pics below 🙂

Lis x

P.S Have I mentioned that I’m collecting business cards of restaurants Lex and I go to? I’m going to turn them in to an artwork – stay tuned!

Exploring Wine Country

For our fourth anniversary Lex and I took a trip to The Hunter Valley (fittingly known as Wine Country). A little over 2 hours north of Sydney, the HV is an idyllic spot, nestled amongst rolling hills and winding vines. We love going to the various Cellar Doors and tasting new brands of wine. There are also quite a few restaurants on offer and the standard we found was quite good! I’ll be blogging about them later.

The Hunter Valley, just north of Sydney in New South Wales, is one of Australia’s major wine-growing regions, with a viticultural history dating back to the early 1800s. Known for varietals such as Semillon and Shiraz, it’s home to well over 100 vineyards. Most are located south of the Hunter River and operate cellar doors so the public can sample their bottlings.

The forecast was rain – and luckily it only sprinkled in the HV. We came home to Sydney to find news reports of flooding, road closures and traffic incidences. Fortunately we managed to skip the bad weather. There’s always a lively and romantic atmosphere in the HV and we could definitely feel that during our weekend getaway. We actually sat in Harrigans Irish Pub on Saturday night, watching the Socceroos vs. Greece, betting on the greyhounds (with absolutely no knowledge of what/who to bet on!), and just generally enjoying each others company.

We also had a delicious lunch the next day at Enzo’s – an award-winning restaurant situated in an old and beautiful sandstone cottage. But more on that later…

For now it’s marking, marking and more marking – I hate exams!!!!

Lis x


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