Greenwich Lane finds a home!

Newflash! Greenwich Lane has purchased an apartment! After countless weeks of open homes to inspect and dealing with pesky real estate agents, we finally found ‘the one’. A beautiful one bedroom apartment in the heart of our favourite city, Sydney. We get the keys in a month so lots of packing and organising before that comes around! I promised Lex I’ll be tidier in the new place. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! Check out some photos of Casa Greenwich.

Lis x

Greenwich Lane gets crafty

A while back I shared a bit of an artsy idea and a way to capture my foodie experiences and memories with Lex. The story starts back when we visited NY in January 2016. Every time we sat down to eat we would get a postcard or business card with the bill. Initially I thought they were cool postcards but never actually took one home. About a week in to the trip I decided to start collecting the postcards and business cards as a little way to remember the experiences. On the back of them I would write what we ate at the restaurant. When I got home to Sydney I realised I wanted more! So everytime Lex and I went out to eat I would grab a cheeky business card from the front desk. It’s been over a year of collecting, and I finally got to the point where I had gathered enough cards to stick them all on a cardboard base and frame them! It hangs in my kitchen now and is such a fun way to get conversation rolling. We might have guests over who ask us about them and Lex and I will chat away and point to our favourite places. It’s also been a great way for us to reminisce about our holidays as sometimes when Lex and I are cooking we will look at the art and start talking about the food. From food we tend to then start talking about the whole day, “remember how after we ate we walked to Chelsea piers and had a game of bowling?’. It has been such a fun thing to create and is one of my favourite things in my home.

I hope I can inspire you to keep your memories safe in whatever way you like!

Lis x

My finished artwork!
My favourite postcard from ‘Jack’s Wife Freda’ in NYC

House hunting in Sydney – mission impossible

Our lease expires in May and I thought that it might be a good opportunity to finally take the plunge and buy a place. I don’t know about where you are, but the housing market in Sydney is absolutely ridiculous and it’s getting worse, if that is even possible. Unfortunately most first-home buyers are priced out of the super competitive market. I am looking at one bedroom places (that’s pretty much all I can afford in Sydney!), and even those are going crazy at auction. Every open home I go to has so many people there and I find myself eyeing them off, are they going to steal my dream property I think to myself as I look them up and down. Truth be told, I’m dealing with that problem that only Kirstie and Phil from Location, Location, Location can help me with – location or space? I’m torn between moving to my dream area, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and having a nice apartment with a balcony or courtyard for my future, imaginary chocolate labrador pup who I’ll either name Maxxie or Eleanor (also keen for Esther).

So I’ll keep looking for our dream home, and until then I sign this post off as a frustrated, first-home buyer who won’t give up on the property dream!

Lis x

Urban Yoga, Surry Hills

Often when I’m holidays (the perks of being a school teacher), I go through little phases of inspiration and hope. Last week that little phase was yoga. Living in Sydney we are spoilt by options for yoga studios, although I think that makes it a little harder to narrow down which one’s you want to try. In some areas you can get a week free of yoga classes to test out the studio before you commit. To my dismay however, Sydney yoga seems to be in such high-demand that free classes just aren’t a thing. I really didn’t want to sign up to anything so I literally Googled away for what felt like forever, in the search for a free yoga class. That’s when I stumbled upon Urban Yoga – a chic yoga studio on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills. As soon as I clicked on their website I was drawn to the aesthetic of the place – modern, inviting, and definitely urban. I signed up for the 4.30pm Urban Base class that afternoon.

When I walked in the studio I was met by a staff member who showed me around the GORGEOUS studio – every detail had been thought of and I was immediately transported away from the hustle and bustle of Cleveland Street (and trying to find a park), to this amazing sanctuary of calmness. They offer you Green Tea to drink before and after class, and some super comfy lounges to laze on. Being as I was there 30 minutes before class (habits of a person who fears being late), I definitely made the most of it. I made a conscious effort to put my phone in my locker straight away so as to not be influenced by technology. It’s amazing how so often when we are by ourselves or we are waiting, that the tendency to go to social media or web browsing pops up. I wanted to avoid that and spend the next hour or so completely to myself. I sat in the room on my mat, nervous but also intrigued. I felt particularly nervous because I was there on my own. I know that sounds silly, but sometimes having a friend with you makes you feel a little more comfortable. Unfortunately my friend Sarah is away in the US at the moment, so I decided to go alone!

The yoga room is pretty dark. If I wasn’t a self-conscious newbie I probably would have chosen a mat close to the front where the instructors sits so that I could actually see! The screen behind the instructor takes up the whole back wall and during the class images of nature are projected to immerse you.

I will admit, I tend to go to yoga when I want to feel good and do something light. Urban Yoga is not that. It was INTENSE. Never mind the projected images of nature, I didn’t even have time to look at them, I was dripping in sweat. At one point in the class I felt like I couldn’t keep going, but it’s amazing what the fear of embarrassment will do to you. I’m so glad that I persisted because I have never felt better after a yoga session than I did after that class. My body felt like it had worked out, but also felt relaxed and light. The next day my abs felt tight and I was on a bit of a high. The great thing about Urban Yoga is that you get to relax your mind as yoga teaches you to do, but you also feel like you’ve accomplished a workout afterwards. The whole 60 minutes I was 100% focused on the task at hand. I was able to shut out all my worries and forget the outside world and really just give myself 60 minutes to do something good. For me, that has always been the appeal of yoga – to offer a moment of calmness in an otherwise hectic world.

The instructors at Urban Yoga were so lovely and moved around the room guiding you in to various poses and aiding you with your breathing and technique. During the final mediation they also come around with some essential oils and give you a little head massage.

Whether or not its yoga or something else, I really want to make an effort to give myself 60 minutes of ‘me’ time a week. I encourage you all to do the same.

Lis x

Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants 2016

It’s a very exciting day in the life of a food blogger when the Top 100 list gets published. Most people hang out waiting for Triple J’s Hottest 100 on Australia Day, but I hang out for the Foodie Hottest 100, aka the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Restaurants.

The winner this year goes to Attica in Victoria – yep, it’s definitely on my list!

Have a look at the Top 100 and let me know which one’s you’ve been to/hanging out to try! I love to make a tally of how many I’ve been too – trying to beat it every year is fun!

I know a lot of my readers are from overseas (particularly the USA – thanks everyone 🙂 ) – so think of this list as motivation to come have a holiday in the land Down Under!

Lis x

P.S My tally is 7 this year!

#1 – Attica, VIC

2    Brae, Birregurra VIC

3    Sepia NSW

4    Quay NSW

5    Ester NSW

6    Sixpenny NSW

7    Bennelong NSW

8    Rockpool est. 1989 NSW

9    Automata NSW

10    Franklin TAS

11    Mr Wong NSW

12    Bentley Restaurant & Bar NSW

13    The Bridge Room NSW

14    The Town Mouse VIC

15    Cumulus Inc. VIC

16    10 William St NSW

17    Flower Drum VIC

18    Cutler & Co VIC

19    LuMi Bar & Dining NSW

20    Supernormal VIC

21    Tipo 00 VIC

22    Tetsuya’s NSW

23    Minamishima VIC

24    MoVida, Melbourne VIC

25    Fratelli Paradiso NSW

26    Billy Kwong NSW

27    Biota Dining, Bowral NSW

28    Cafe Di Stasio VIC

29    LP’s Quality Meats NSW

30    Momofuku Seiobo NSW

31    Porteno NSW

32    Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney NSW

33    ACME NSW

34    Embla VIC

35    Vue de Monde VIC

36    Firedoor NSW

37    Dinner by Heston Blumenthal VIC

38    Chin Chin VIC

39    est. NSW

40    Marque NSW

41    The Apollo NSW

42    Lake House, Daylesford VIC

43    Oscillate Wildly NSW

44    Saint Crispin VIC

45    Guillaume, Sydney NSW

46    Fleet, Brunswick Heads NSW

47    Africola SA

48    Orana SA

49    Restaurant Amuse WA

50    Silvereye NSW

51    Pilu at Freshwater NSW

52    Moon Park NSW

53    France-Soir VIC

54    Lee Ho Fook VIC

55    Bar Louinhã VIC

56    Icebergs Dining Room & Bar NSW

57    Ormeggio at the Spit NSW

58    Estelle by Scott Pickett VIC

59    Rockpool Bar & Grill, Melbourne VIC

60    Golden Century NSW

61    Spice Temple, Sydney NSW

62    Sean’s Panaroma NSW

63    Cottage Point Inn NSW

64    Gerard’s Bistro QLD

65    The European VIC

66    Monopole NSW

67    Long Chim Perth WA

68    ARIA NSW

69    Provenance, Beechworth VIC

70    Coda VIC

71    Lalla Rookh WA

72    Yellow NSW

73    Luxembourg VIC

74    Wasabi Restaurant & Bar, Noosa Heads QLD

75    Master NSW

76    4Fourteen NSW

77    Clarke’s of North Beach WA

78    Esquire QLD

79    Muse Restaurant, Pokolbin NSW

80    Monster Kitchen and Bar ACT

81    Grossi Florentino Upstairs VIC

82    Cho Cho San NSW

83    The Long Apron, Montville QLD

84    The Press Club VIC

85    Lucio’s NSW

86    Ethos Eat Drink TAS

87    Anchovy VIC

88    Vasse Felix Restaurant, Cowaramup WA

89    Lume VIC

90    Tonka VIC

91    Mister Jennings VIC

92    Union Dining VIC

93    Igni, Geelong VIC

94    Sokyo NSW

95    Peel St SA

96    Hentley Farm, Seppeltsfield SA

97    Lau’s Family Kitchen VIC

98    Fino, Seppeltsfield SA

99    Epocha VIC

100    Il Bacaro VIC

Dcup Cafe & Thai, Sydney

I’m sitting here typing this as I look out over the Piazza in Rome, sipping some Vino and eating some pasta. Just kidding, I scheduled this bad boy before I left. But rest assured, I am in Italy as you read this and there will be blog posts from this great city coming soon!

Lex and I decided to be really lazy on Friday after work. I had an excuse for being lazy, I’d just finished Parent/Teacher Interviews and was two days away from taking the students to Italy! Every afternoon I drive past Dcup Cafe in Zetland. It is often busy with people and originally I thought it was a coffee shop. When I read the sign out front today I was intrigued by the name and was further intrigued by the fact it was a Cafe and Thai joint – this was a combination I had yet to come across! So when Lex felt like Thai food I suggested Dcup.

We used Menulog and I must say apart from the cool 5% off our first order, I would never use the service again. It took us about 15 minutes to place the order. I’m not sure if we were ordering at peak time or what it was, but I can’t be bothered going through the hassle again, especially on an empty stomach!

The service from Dcup was faultless though! And I must say I’m glad we have found a local Thai joint nearby. This is one place that Lex and I are a little divided on though. I thought the food was absolutely delicious. We ordered a Massamann Beef and a Chicken Green Curry. The Green Curry was packed with flavour and it reminded me in terms of the look and texture of a curry that Jamie Oliver has made. Lex on the other hand thought it was a bit watery and wasn’t overly impressed. I feel weird even writing this because normally we agree when it comes to food, but this blog needs to be authentic and it’s important to have the pros and cons I guess. In saying that though, Lex has said he would order from there again.

If you’ve read the ‘About’ section you’ll know that Lex and I have made a rule to not eat at the same restaurant more than once. Does getting takeaway from a restaurant count though…? Our rule has been followed, except for one tiny slip up – we went to Fratelli’s the other night. Whoops!

Lis x

The Mercantile, Sydney

Life has kicked in lately so I do apologise for my lack of blogs coming your way lately. To say I have been stressed would be an understatement. I’m glad I have my blog to balance out the craziness of the world sometimes. It has been a huge few weeks for me. I’ve been busy preparing for a work trip to Italy in a couple of weeks, I’ve moved closer to the city with Lex, and the school term is coming to its end which means marking! I have managed to fit in some foodie adventures though so my aim is to just keep on blogging…

Usually I’m in bed pretty early – yes I know that makes me seem old and somewhat lazy, but it’s just what I do. When Lex and I go out we normally get home at a reasonable time. However, we went out with Matt and Jade and for some reason, us girls felt like kicking on! And kick on we did at The Mercantile. In a redbrick building dating from 1914, this casual, Irish-style hotel is a 9-minute walk from Circular Quay train station, located in Sydney’s historic The Rocks. It’s a traditional Irish pub and when we walked in it had an Irish band playing and was FULL of atmosphere! The four of us snagged one of the last tables and sat in to the night watching the band and sipping on wine. Jade loves her Irish heritage and I can definitely see why. It was fun and festive and it wasn’t even St. Patricks Day!

I know you’re probably thinking this is a food blog and where’s the food? So I won’t disappoint. Jade and I ordered…a CHEESE board!! It consisted of a variety of cheeses including Castello creamy blue, double brie and waxed Cheshire, and was accompanied by Maggie Beers classic quince paste. The warm toasted turkish bread and lavosh chips were also a great addition.  It was amazing and everything a gal could want in life. Who doesn’t love cheese?

I hope you all had a lovely Easter if you celebrate, and managed to spent some quality time with your loved ones.

Lis x


Noodle Hut, Sydney

Sunday was a bit of a disaster for Lex and I. We’d heard about these Figure 8 pools in the Royal National Park and thought we’d spend Valentine’s Day checking them out. We had been told it was about a 45 minute walk from the car to the pools so I came prepared with my Nikes and my swimwear underneath ready to jump in when we got there! It was a scorcher of a day in Sydney with temperatures reaching 37degrees – thankfully I packed a bottle of water. Our walk started off hopeful and like any other city dweller who finally finds themselves in touch with nature, we set off happily through the bush. I started reciting Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken when we came to a fork in the road. Of course Lex and I started heading to the left as we had a hunch the pools would be that way. Half an hour later we made it to the bottom of the cliff with no pools in sight. I saw a lifeguard tent along the sand (I was becoming delirious at this point and was convinced it was a mirage). Luckily the lifeguard was a real person, unluckily he told us the pools were in the opposite direction. I wish I was exaggerating when I say this but two and a half hours later and at 37degrees (my hair was wet with sweat), Lex and I still had not found the Figure 8 pools – we were literally lost in the bush! Absolute disaster. By the time we realised where they were we were so exhausted that we headed back up the cliff to the car. I’m sure I muttered lines like “I think I’m dying”, and “Lex I can’t do it anymore” along the way. The icing on the cake when we finally reached the car? A parking fine. Yep, we paid to get lost in the bush!

With all that exhaustion I insisted on eating the biggest lunch I could find and so we stopped in to Westfield Miranda and went to a cool place in the dining precinct called ‘Noodle Hut’. It felt so nice to just sit there in a chair, with a glass of water and a cool breeze. It’s funny how our perceptions of ‘heaven’ can change so easily based on our circumstances…

What we ordered:

Our waitress was lovely, she sat us down served us some water and even let us tweak the menu! We decided to order the Mixed Entree – two satay chicken skewers, two vegetarian spring rolls and two fish cakes. If you’ve read previous posts you’ll know that Lex is not a seafood fan so we asked the waitress if we could take out the fish cakes and add a couple of chicken skewers – she was more than happy to do this for us. The Mixed Entree was just $10.90 and quite a big serving so I thought this was incredibly reasonable. For mains Lex and I both decided to go with the ‘Make your own’ Noodles. We both chose the chicken with Thai Chilli Basil sauce. The only difference was that lex went with the Flat Noodles and I chose the Thin Egg Noodles. Normally I order Hokkien but I think I’ll go with the Thin Egg now. The meal was delicious. It was packed with freshly steamed veggies and the sauce had the perfect amount of spice. They also do takeaway – if I was a local this would be my go-to noodle joint. At just $42 I thought there was a great deal of value for our money and I would go back to Noodle Hut again.

Lis x



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