Book Club: Nantucket Sisters

I’m the first to admit I’m a lady of phases – I became intensely obsessed with something for a while and then I switch to the next thing. At the moment my phase is reading. I’ve always enjoyed reading but sometimes I enjoy it more than other times. With life so busy at the moment I have found great pleasure in coming home and reading a book. There’s something so self-indulgent about reading that just makes you feel good. With all the seriousness of working and life, I really felt like reading something light hearted (or what I call, chick-lit). I came across Nantucket Sisters by Nancy Thayer. The author grew up and has lived her life in Nantucket so her descriptions of the scenery and landscapes are detailed and realistic. This particular novel follows the life and friendship of Maggie and Emily. The former is a low-key Nantucket girl growing up in a single family with not a lot of money to show for, and the latter a New York rich girl who comes to Nantucket for her yearly summer holiday.

Maggie is an endearing character who I felt particularly drawn to- full of life and optimism. The ups and downs of their friendships are relatable and deal with the realisation that people can change as they grow and move on.

Overall, a fun and light read. I will probably buy another Nancy Thayer book. Before I do that though I am in the middle of reading ‘The Royal We’ and next on my list is ‘The Futures’, a story about a young couple who move to New York in the midst of the Financial Crisis.

Happy reading,

Lis x


Greenwich Lane finds a home!

Newflash! Greenwich Lane has purchased an apartment! After countless weeks of open homes to inspect and dealing with pesky real estate agents, we finally found ‘the one’. A beautiful one bedroom apartment in the heart of our favourite city, Sydney. We get the keys in a month so lots of packing and organising before that comes around! I promised Lex I’ll be tidier in the new place. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! Check out some photos of Casa Greenwich.

Lis x

Luggage essentials – a list of non negotiable items for your suitcase

  1. A power board – before my first European adventure my brother’s wife suggested I pack a power board and now it is an item I always travel with. Why? Hotel rooms are notorious for not having a stack of power plugs and this way all you need is one! It’s great for travel with a partner as well. I know with Lex and I most nights in our hotel we will charge: 2 x iphones, our camera, our go pro battery, my Fitbit…with a power board you can make sure everything gets charged.
  2. A scarf – this lightweight item is a perfect travel companion. I place mine in my carry-on luggage so that I can scrunch it up and use as a pillow or throw over my shoulders if I get cold. They also come in handy once you’re at your destination for the chill factor, to cover up for visiting religious sites -definitely in Rome and Thailand I’ve been required to cover my shoulders, as well as just mixing up a neutral outfit (I tend to pack a lot of basic items so a scarf can make me feel a bit colourful and like I’m not wearing the same outfit for the 10th time!
  3. A go pro – I know that they’re expensive, but in my opinion they are worth the investment. Lex and I have been carrying our go pro with us every trip we go on to document our travels. They are a moving memory and I feel that you get more out of a video than you do a photograph. After all, you can stand and take a photo out front of every cool building you see, but recording your facial expression when you first see Big Ben, or that joke that you and your partner shared walking along the Hudson River, or that little fall that Lex had walking through the cobbled streets of Barcelona…those memories are priceless.
  4. Noise-cancelling headphones – these changed my travel life. Now I can sit on the plane without any noise and if you’re a bit of a nervous flyer like me they take away the general rumblings and sounds of a plane.
  5. Flip flops – When I travelled to Italy last year I made the mistake of not packing some flip flops (or thongs as we call them in Australia). They have multiple uses starting from walks up and down the aisle of the plane to get your blood flowing, as well as walking around your hotel room and lobby. I never think to pack flip flops and always find myself having to put on my runners every time I need to duck down the hallway to the vending machine or to go somewhere quickly! They’re also great for travelling if your feet swell up with plane travel. When you get to your destination you don’t have to worry about swollen feet and squishy them in to your shoes.

What are your travel must haves?

Lis x

Crushin’ on Paddo to Palmy

I’ve followed Paddo to Palmy on Instagram for quite some time now but never really interacted much with their page. Cue the holidays and endless surfing to kill some time and I found myself on Paddo to Palmy, completely immersed and completely obsessed. The site started as a blog about renovations as the founder moved from Paddington to Palm Beach, and evolved in to a lifestyle and clothing site. I am obsessed with some of their current pieces. You should definitely have a browse (and no, I don’t get paid for any of this, I just wanted to share some style!). Their pieces are pricey but quality and made to last which is so important for me. I’m continuing to move away from fast, fad fashion and instead investing in quality pieces that are eternally stylish.

My favourite pieces are below.

Lis x




Greenwich Lane gets crafty

A while back I shared a bit of an artsy idea and a way to capture my foodie experiences and memories with Lex. The story starts back when we visited NY in January 2016. Every time we sat down to eat we would get a postcard or business card with the bill. Initially I thought they were cool postcards but never actually took one home. About a week in to the trip I decided to start collecting the postcards and business cards as a little way to remember the experiences. On the back of them I would write what we ate at the restaurant. When I got home to Sydney I realised I wanted more! So everytime Lex and I went out to eat I would grab a cheeky business card from the front desk. It’s been over a year of collecting, and I finally got to the point where I had gathered enough cards to stick them all on a cardboard base and frame them! It hangs in my kitchen now and is such a fun way to get conversation rolling. We might have guests over who ask us about them and Lex and I will chat away and point to our favourite places. It’s also been a great way for us to reminisce about our holidays as sometimes when Lex and I are cooking we will look at the art and start talking about the food. From food we tend to then start talking about the whole day, “remember how after we ate we walked to Chelsea piers and had a game of bowling?’. It has been such a fun thing to create and is one of my favourite things in my home.

I hope I can inspire you to keep your memories safe in whatever way you like!

Lis x

My finished artwork!
My favourite postcard from ‘Jack’s Wife Freda’ in NYC

Love can change the world in a moment, but what do I know?

As a History teacher I sometimes have the difficult job of teaching my students about the current state of the world as part of our Modern History course. I see their expressions change and their faces drop when they make that switch from ignorant to informed and I hate the thought of them having to worry or be concerned about what may come in the future. It’s a difficult job because I feel in part that learning about the current state of our world makes them grow up a little and takes away some of their innocence – it’s almost as though I’m that awful kid at school who tells you Santa isn’t real. Although it’s difficult, it’s a necessary job. With the recent attack in Paris flashing on my news tonight, I thought these lyrics by Ed Sheeran were particularly important.

Lis x

Ain’t got a soapbox I can stand upon
But God gave me a stage, a guitar and a song
My daddy told me, “son, don’t you get involved in
Politics, religions or other people’s quotes”
I’ll paint the picture, let me set the scene
I know when I have children they will know what it means
And I pass on these things my family’s given to me
Just love and understanding, positivity
We could change this whole world with a piano
Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go
I’m just a boy with a one-man show
No university, no degree, but lord knows
Everybody’s talking ’bout exponential growth
And the stock market crashing in their portfolios
While I’ll be sitting here with a song that I wrote
Sing, love could change the world in a moment
But what do I know?
Love can change the world in a moment
But what do I know?

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