Greenwich Lane finds a home!

Newflash! Greenwich Lane has purchased an apartment! After countless weeks of open homes to inspect and dealing with pesky real estate agents, we finally found ‘the one’. A beautiful one bedroom apartment in the heart of our favourite city, Sydney. We get the keys in a month so lots of packing and organising before that comes around! I promised Lex I’ll be tidier in the new place. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes! Check out some photos of Casa Greenwich.

Lis x

Greenwich Lane gets crafty

A while back I shared a bit of an artsy idea and a way to capture my foodie experiences and memories with Lex. The story starts back when we visited NY in January 2016. Every time we sat down to eat we would get a postcard or business card with the bill. Initially I thought they were cool postcards but never actually took one home. About a week in to the trip I decided to start collecting the postcards and business cards as a little way to remember the experiences. On the back of them I would write what we ate at the restaurant. When I got home to Sydney I realised I wanted more! So everytime Lex and I went out to eat I would grab a cheeky business card from the front desk. It’s been over a year of collecting, and I finally got to the point where I had gathered enough cards to stick them all on a cardboard base and frame them! It hangs in my kitchen now and is such a fun way to get conversation rolling. We might have guests over who ask us about them and Lex and I will chat away and point to our favourite places. It’s also been a great way for us to reminisce about our holidays as sometimes when Lex and I are cooking we will look at the art and start talking about the food. From food we tend to then start talking about the whole day, “remember how after we ate we walked to Chelsea piers and had a game of bowling?’. It has been such a fun thing to create and is one of my favourite things in my home.

I hope I can inspire you to keep your memories safe in whatever way you like!

Lis x

My finished artwork!
My favourite postcard from ‘Jack’s Wife Freda’ in NYC

Wedding Bells

Greenwich Lane has BIG news to share. Last weekend I was honoured to be a part of a wedding. Not just any old wedding, but my BROTHER’S wedding. It is such a weird experience when your big brother gets married – I felt happy and old all at once. I remember being kids and fighting when we got home from school, or versing each other in Super Mario on the gameboy, or wrestling with my Dad in the ‘posh’ loungeroom that we were never supposed to be in, and of course, spending all Saturday veged on the lounge watching Super Simpsons Weekend (Mum used to get so annoyed!).

Now that he’s married it’s really made me realise how precious time is, and more importantly, how precious your family is. We are so fortunate to have been able to gain a family member in Amy, but also an extended family as well!

The ceremony and reception were held at Peppers, Cragieburn in Bowral – such a beautiful backdrop for a beautiful wedding. We were blessed with great weather and sunshine. We honestly couldn’t ask for a better day! It was such a fun wedding as well, lots of dancing and an awesome photobooth!

The newlyweds are up in Port Douglas enjoying a getaway – I hope they’re having an amazing time. What an exciting time for both of them, the start of such an amazing journey.

Lis x

Cutting the cake!


Lex and I on the big day!

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