Where to next? My top 5 goals for June

  1. Yoga – Recently I’ve been looking into Yoga studios around my area so that I can practice Yoga more intensively. Over the past few years I’ve dabbled in Yoga sessions but have always found the prices too high to sustain a proper engagement. I want to be more committed because not only does Yoga improve how feel about yourself and your body, but it also clears the mind, and that’s something I’ve been needing to do for a while now.
  2. Pilates – This is an extension to point #1, I’ve been wanting to try Pilates for the first time. The equipment looks cool and it just looks like something that would stretch your body out and make you feel good. Any thoughts on Pilates vs. Yoga?
  3. Create artwork – Lex and I recently moved in to a cute little apartment in Sydney city. We’ve almost finished decorating (it’s been so fun!), apart from a blank wall that is screaming for some art. I’ve decided to boycott buying art and make it myself. During our trip to NYC I collected business cards or postcards from all the restaurants we went to. In Sydney I do the same. So I wanted to put all the cards on a white base and frame it, maybe even put the heading “Eat Street”. I feel like it will be something super personal and evoke memories every time we look at it.
  4. Stop gossiping – Sometimes you fall into patterns of looking for the worst in people, and unfortunately conversations that centre around others. There has been a considerable amount of office gossip in my workplace at the moment and it has been heavy and draining. I feel like sometimes we focus so much on other people and their lives that we forget to soak up the good in ours. I’m making it my goal to always find the good in everyone. I truly believe that bad thoughts will eliminate bad feelings, and I want to be the kind of person that people gravitate towards. Kindness will help me achieve that.
  5. Read more – I have a list of books I want to read (the biography of Alexander the Great is at the top of that list!), and I want to take time out of the business of life to sit quietly and read. It soothes the soul and makes worries go away – at least temporarily.



Greenwich Lane heads North!

I’ve been wanting to evolve Greenwich Lane for a while now. I wanted to do it organically, and not just one day start posting about travel, books, history, outfits and the rest. Finding a real way to make that jump is what has held me up. The desire to branch out into lifestyle is not because I’ve lost any love or passion for food (trust me, a love like that can never die!), but rather I’ve come to the realisation that there are so many things that I am passionate about, and I itch to write and share them with you, but felt too confined with having Greenwich Lane as a ‘foodie’ blog. Hopefully the new and improved lifestyle version of the blog will provide a platform for me to cover all areas that I am passionate about, and really allow me to have my own online creative space.

If you’ve read the ‘About’ section then you’ll know that this blog is also a memory book for Lex and I, and I still intend for it to be just that – I want to share and document our experiences, travels and adventures, whether they involve food or not! Rest assured, there will be heaps of foodie adventures and places still featuring on the blog!

I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received on the blog in such a short time. I only started blogging in January and already there are so many of you reading along. I accepted the fact that probably no-one would ever even read the blog, but now I accept the fact my journey is shared with so many amazing bloggers around the world.

So here goes…Greenwich Lane is heading in a slightly new direction, and I hope you’re along for the ride. And let’s face it, no-one wants to stay in the same place for too long, it’s a big, wide world out there!

Lis x

Pondering life at Mount Vesuvius



Pizzeria Aurora, Sorrento Italy

Sorrento is the perfect place to visit in Italy – it’s nice and close to major historical sites (such as Pompeii and Herculaneum), is just a ferry ride away to the BEAUTIFUL Capri and the Blue Grotto, and it is also home to some incredible restaurants.

We were so lucky with our hotel as it was opposite a beautiful orchard that grows lemon and produces its own Limoncello. We walked through the orchard nightly on our strolls to the main street in Sorrento, the Corso.

Sorrento is a coastal town in southwestern Italy, facing the Bay of Naples on the Sorrentine Peninsula. Perched atop cliffs that separate the town from its busy marinas, it’s known for sweeping views and Piazza Tasso, a cafe-lined square. The historic center is a warren of narrow alleys that includes the Chiesa di San Francesco, a 14th-century church with a tranquil cloister.

Our favourite restaurant in Sorrento was by far, Pizzeria Aurora. It is situated in Piazza Tasso, the main square of Sorrento and offers a wide selection of Pizza, (fifty different types!!!!), backed in a traditional wood oven. It is managed by the Terminiello Family who have a steep history with Italian restaurants going as far back as Canonic in 1898.

Legend says that the world most famous pizza, the pizza margherita, was born in 1889, when the chef Raffaele Esposito, to honor the Queen Margherita of Savoy, prepared three kinds of pizzas: pizza Mastuncola with lard, cheese and basil, pizza Marinara with tomato, garlic and oregano, and finally a pizza with tomato and mozzarella, with tomato, olive oil, mozzarella cheese and oregano, whose colors intentionally recalled the Italian tricolour.

I had been craving some vegetables as it wasn’t something I saw regularly on the Italian menus. I decided to go with the closest thing I could find to a plate of veggies – a beautiful Italian Minestrone soup. It was absolutely delicious and one of my foodie highlights of the trip. I also had a Caprese salad – such a simple dish but seriously (I know I’ve said this a thousand times) the tomatoes in Italy are too good.

Lis x

P.S. I broke my ‘only go to a restaurant once’ rule – when in Rome! Well, when in Sorrento!







Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants 2016

It’s a very exciting day in the life of a food blogger when the Top 100 list gets published. Most people hang out waiting for Triple J’s Hottest 100 on Australia Day, but I hang out for the Foodie Hottest 100, aka the Australian Financial Review Top 100 Restaurants.

The winner this year goes to Attica in Victoria – yep, it’s definitely on my list!

Have a look at the Top 100 and let me know which one’s you’ve been to/hanging out to try! I love to make a tally of how many I’ve been too – trying to beat it every year is fun!

I know a lot of my readers are from overseas (particularly the USA – thanks everyone 🙂 ) – so think of this list as motivation to come have a holiday in the land Down Under!

Lis x

P.S My tally is 7 this year!

#1 – Attica, VIC

2    Brae, Birregurra VIC

3    Sepia NSW

4    Quay NSW

5    Ester NSW

6    Sixpenny NSW

7    Bennelong NSW

8    Rockpool est. 1989 NSW

9    Automata NSW

10    Franklin TAS

11    Mr Wong NSW

12    Bentley Restaurant & Bar NSW

13    The Bridge Room NSW

14    The Town Mouse VIC

15    Cumulus Inc. VIC

16    10 William St NSW

17    Flower Drum VIC

18    Cutler & Co VIC

19    LuMi Bar & Dining NSW

20    Supernormal VIC

21    Tipo 00 VIC

22    Tetsuya’s NSW

23    Minamishima VIC

24    MoVida, Melbourne VIC

25    Fratelli Paradiso NSW

26    Billy Kwong NSW

27    Biota Dining, Bowral NSW

28    Cafe Di Stasio VIC

29    LP’s Quality Meats NSW

30    Momofuku Seiobo NSW

31    Porteno NSW

32    Rockpool Bar & Grill, Sydney NSW

33    ACME NSW

34    Embla VIC

35    Vue de Monde VIC

36    Firedoor NSW

37    Dinner by Heston Blumenthal VIC

38    Chin Chin VIC

39    est. NSW

40    Marque NSW

41    The Apollo NSW

42    Lake House, Daylesford VIC

43    Oscillate Wildly NSW

44    Saint Crispin VIC

45    Guillaume, Sydney NSW

46    Fleet, Brunswick Heads NSW

47    Africola SA

48    Orana SA

49    Restaurant Amuse WA

50    Silvereye NSW

51    Pilu at Freshwater NSW

52    Moon Park NSW

53    France-Soir VIC

54    Lee Ho Fook VIC

55    Bar Louinhã VIC

56    Icebergs Dining Room & Bar NSW

57    Ormeggio at the Spit NSW

58    Estelle by Scott Pickett VIC

59    Rockpool Bar & Grill, Melbourne VIC

60    Golden Century NSW

61    Spice Temple, Sydney NSW

62    Sean’s Panaroma NSW

63    Cottage Point Inn NSW

64    Gerard’s Bistro QLD

65    The European VIC

66    Monopole NSW

67    Long Chim Perth WA

68    ARIA NSW

69    Provenance, Beechworth VIC

70    Coda VIC

71    Lalla Rookh WA

72    Yellow NSW

73    Luxembourg VIC

74    Wasabi Restaurant & Bar, Noosa Heads QLD

75    Master NSW

76    4Fourteen NSW

77    Clarke’s of North Beach WA

78    Esquire QLD

79    Muse Restaurant, Pokolbin NSW

80    Monster Kitchen and Bar ACT

81    Grossi Florentino Upstairs VIC

82    Cho Cho San NSW

83    The Long Apron, Montville QLD

84    The Press Club VIC

85    Lucio’s NSW

86    Ethos Eat Drink TAS

87    Anchovy VIC

88    Vasse Felix Restaurant, Cowaramup WA

89    Lume VIC

90    Tonka VIC

91    Mister Jennings VIC

92    Union Dining VIC

93    Igni, Geelong VIC

94    Sokyo NSW

95    Peel St SA

96    Hentley Farm, Seppeltsfield SA

97    Lau’s Family Kitchen VIC

98    Fino, Seppeltsfield SA

99    Epocha VIC

100    Il Bacaro VIC

Vacanze Romane, Italy

If you’ve been reading the blog you’ll know that I recently took on the (mammoth) task of taking 22 students to Italy during the school holidays. It was a long flight – 14 hours from Sydney to Dubai and then another 6 hours from Dubai to Sydney – and we were running on adrenaline during our first day in Rome. We visited some Churches around the city, as well as the Trevi Fountain, and then stopped at the Piazza Navona for some lunch.

We sat down to eat at Vacant Romane. It was a bit of a gamble, we really had no idea what restaurant was good – but it turned out to be a nice eat. The wine was pretty average, but I think the food made up for that, and it was lunch time so I guess bad wine was a good thing (I still had another 10 hours of supervision!!). In terms of location you couldn’t really want more. The Piazza Navona is arguably one of the nicest squares in Rome, built on the former Stadium of Domitian by Emperor Domitian in 86 AD. The Stadium was mainly used for festivals in ancient times. It is also a quieter alternative to some of the restaurants closer to the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

I had been hanging out for a pesto pasta even before I reached Romen, so I thought I’d order that for my first meal in the land of food. In Italian pesto pasta is known as Linguine al pesto genovese. You know how when you go out with a group of people and you can’t stop staring at their food wishing you had ordered that? Well, luckily for me, I was that person being started at! The pesto pasta was absolutely delicious and I refused to order another pesto for the rest of the trip as I didn’t want to be disappointed. Lucky for you I’ve included a photo of my pasta below so you can drool 🙂 The other teachers and my Mum ordered pizzas, and we also got a Caprese Salad to share – there’s something about the tomatoes in Italy, so tasty (and red!).

Lis x

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